Makeup Wish List

Hello Everyone I am so exited about this post because, here I will share my makeup wish list, about what I want to try new and if one of you already used one of this products maybe you can give me a review of the product and if you like it or not.

So I will be showing you 5 different makeup that I want to try.

1) Dream Fresh BB bbcreamCream from Maybelline

But because I am a teenager I think BB cream is better than foundation, because I want to have a more natural look.

I know that almost every girl has already used this product but because I am just starting to use makeup I haven’t try it yet, so what do you think?


2)Full Lash Bloom Mascara By Lashblast from Covergirl

I been searching for a new mascara that makes my eyelashes look bigger and with more definition without using eyelash curler, so I saw on a magazine this new mascara from Covergirl and it look great but I am not really sure.

Or what mascara do you recommend me?

3)Naked Pallet 604214916630_naked

I don’t know which one, if the 1,2 or 3, but I have seen that a lot of people have these one and I really love the colors, that are all natural and not like pinks’ or blues’ this ones instead are like brown,beige and more that style and I like that.

Plus I think is so elegant and I know is a bit expensive but although I haven’t purchased I think is worth it.

Which Naked Pallet is your favorite and why?

4)Nail Art Sun Candy from Revlonrevlon-nail-art-suncandy-cover-01

This is nail polish is so cute, with just seeing the photo I fall in love with it.

It comes like two in one because you have like a color and on the other side you have the same color but with glitter, which I think looks great, plus is so small than you can take it everywhere easily and I love the colors.

13340652655755)Mega Shield Lip Color SPF 15 from Wet n’ Wild SPF 15

And my last item on my wishlist of course need it to be a lipstick and I really like the colors I saw in Wet n’ Wild, so I am really looking forward to buy one or maybe two and try them

You prefer bright lipstick or not?

So this are my 5 items on my makeup wishlist, hope you enjoy it, and do not forget to leave a comment and follow thanks

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