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My New Year’s Goals and Resolutions

Hello Everyone, today I will write about my New Year’s Resolutions in complement of my last post of DIY Vision Board, where I already share to you some of it, if you haven’t read it yet click here. Well because today is 31 and tomorrow we start a whole new year, it is not an excuse but a big opportunity to use it as a pretext to set some goals to yourself.

So I already made my list of my 2015 Resolutions and are the following

ireland1)Go to Ireland, this is a trip that I been planning for a long time, and right now I am not sure if my parents will have the money for me to go, but is my main goal, I will save myself and this is something I truly want and I don’t know if you ever have like something that is so exiting to you that only thinking of it make you feel something weird in your stomach, well if you do, that is how important this trip is to me, so I will be saving every penny and making everything to make it happen,

2)The next one is complete my reading challenge, if you already hear of it well you know what I am talking about, if you haven’r hear of it Google it like “Reading Challenge of 2015” and join it is really cool, it consist on a list of books, but they are no title they are just characteristics of a book for example one book you need to read needs to have more that 500 pages, another one needs to be a book you started but never finished, and like that, in total they are 50 books and the challenge is to read them in a year so I think is really interesting.

3)My next resolution is about my blog, I want that when 2015 end, I have a total of 1000 followers or if it is possible more, I know that for some of you a thousand is so little, but for me it is a lot and It would make me really happy to have that or more if I can, but in order to happen I need to cooperate and I am willing to do what is necessary to achieve it.

4)My healthy resolution is not be vegetarian but to eat definitely healthier and to make more exercise, I actually just go to basketball practice and games and in totally I exercise 3 days a week and like an hour and half per day and the other days I basically don’t exercise at all, so my resolution is two exercise 7 days a week and eat healthier.


5)And my last big goal is keep my room clean, this may look like is a silly goal, but for me is a struggle that I been dealing with for a long time, because I do clean my room often but the problem is to keep it that way, because when I finish clean it I am like okay this is the good one and I am not going to let my room get messy but like a week later is messier again, so this year I am going to compromise 100% and I will keep my room clean.

So I hope you like my new year resolution and that you are as exited as I am, for this new year that starts, hope you have a great day,week and year 😉

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