3 Winter Outfits!

Hello Everybody, this post is my first fashion post and I hope you enjoy it :).

I love winter and I know you love it too, drinking hot chocolate, making cookies, and watching movies, but we also love all the warm and cozy clothes so today I will show you 3 winte outfits you could wear on this season, let’s get started

Outfitoutfit1 1:

Top: This is a fuzzy sweater from H&M, color like wine. This color I just love it, I think is like a fall/winter color and it is so pretty

Bottom: Cream Skinny Jeans from Bloomingdale, I don’t think that in the photo you can appreciate, but is has like sew some design on the bottom part and it looks so great. This combination reminds me to a red velvet cake but I still love it.

Shoes: Combat boots from Shoedazzle, the color is dark brown, I love the combat boots and the dark brown matches the outfit I think perfectly.


Outfit 2:

Top: Baby Pink Sweater from American Eagle, I choose this sweater because is so comfortable and is warm too, and you can use it in a casual look like this one or in a semi-formal look too, so that is super cool.

Bottom: Black Leggings, this is a must-have in your closet, you just need a pair or two because you can use them with different tops and are so comfy, and I think that with the sweater it looks pretty nice.

Shoes: Brown Ugg Boots, this is a must-have too but for the winter season, because they are so warm and comfy too, and you can use it almost with everything.
Outfoutfit3it 3:

Top: This top is divided on two parts, my absolutely favorite flannel of all times, that is actually on my December Favorites, don’t forget to check it out, and the second part is a wine t-shirt with v-neck and it looks really cute together.

Bottom: A pair of skinny jeans dark colored, so I think you have one because is like one of the most buy cloth, and it looks pretty good with the top, they are from Aeropostale.

Shoes: This are white converse one star, I like this model too because they are not the typical converse all star but they are still converse, and white I know is so common but it is white and it will never be out.

This is all for today’s post, If you like it, don’t forget to click on the star button and comment which one was your favorite.

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