Pretty Little Liars

PLL Winter Premiere! 5×14 +Theories


OMG PLL IS BACK! I am so exited but confused at the same time and we need to talk about it. In this post we will discussed the winter premiere, the episode 14 from the season 5, the premiere was on Tuesday 6th.


Okay so if you are reading this it means you already watch the episode and we can talk about it without spoiling something. I am not going to tell what the episode is about, instead I will tell you what I think about it and my theories.

First we obviously now that Ali is not A, is was way too obvious and besides how you explain the fireworks if Ali was clearly on jail, and the video of Mona being kill, you never see a face you just see the blond hair and it could be a wig. We already now that A can set up someone and convinced everyone when the truth is another one totally different.

Then I have a question, why Paige leave? If everyone is “safe” now, that definitely look kind of suspicious, and the other person who look suspicious was Mike he definitely has something going on besides obviously his girlfriend dead.

I definitely want to see more Spoby, Ezria and Haleb scenes, we haven’t seen lately much.

Do you think Mona is alive? I saw some theories that were telling that Mona was still alive, I think it is not hard but by the other hand, the end of the episode 12 she seems pretty dead to me and it would be kind of predictable that Ali was alive and now Mona so I don’t think the writers will take the risk.

The people I suspect the most about been A are:

  • Paige
  • Mike

I can’t think of anyone else and I really hope Big A isn’t any of the four liars or their boyfriends please Marlene!

So I think that’s all for this episode review hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave your comment below with what do you think with my suspects, who do you think is A and why, and of course do you believe Mona is alive?


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