Skin Favorite Products!

Hello Everybody! I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting so often but it because I am back in school and I have a lot of homework but I am doing what I can.

So today’s post is about my favorite skin products and the products that I personally have used and they worked for me, so I hope you enjoy it.

My top 3!
IMG_35791)Clean & Clear Advantage Popped Pimple Relief Drying Paste: So it consist of like a paste that actually looks like a toothpaste, and you put a little bit in the pimple you want to disappear you can put it before you go to sleep and in the morning when you washed your face obviously it would come off easily and your pimple should be kind of dry, so this makes it disappear faster and plus you don’t need to burst your pimple and it is really effective so I really recommend it.

Biore Facial Exfoliator: Sorry about this product that is in Spanish, but because I am from Mexico I bought there, and I am not really sure if you have this brand in USA but I think you do. So basically is a facial scrub that is an exfoliating cleanser and I have been using these brand for a while and it worked really good for me. This brand is not that popular but it is cheap and it really work. So if you find it on a store I really recommend it.

3)Clean & Clear oil-absorbing sheets: I think almost everyone have used this sheets, and I just want to say they are amazing I am after PE that you are all sweaty this sheets are just wonderful because it is a very easy way to get rid of all the grease you have on your face. They leave your face nice and matte ready for your powdered. Plus it doesn’t smudge your makeup or take it off.

They are cheaper versions of these sheets in other brands but I really like clean & clear.

So that’s all for today’s post I hoped you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave a comment down below, have you try any of these products? what you think about them? Which are your favorite skin products?

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