How to Actually Achieve your Goals!


Hi Guys, Today’s post is about achieving your goals, like two weeks ago I write about My New Year’s Goals and Resolutions but in today’s post I will write how to actually achieve them in just 5 simple and easy steps.

I have really been thinking ways to complete my goals, I been searching and know I decided to share it with you so let’s get started.

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1)Identify your dream or goal: First of all you need to know exactly what you want, for example I want to read more this year, this could be my goal but if I just leave like that probably I will not complete it because in your brain you don’t have like and exact thing. So first narrow your goal, but before you narrow it, think of something that you actually can do, I am not going to say I want to read 200 books because that is probably kind of impossible but instead I can say I want to read 20 o 50 books that is something that despite is hard it is more believable.

2)Make a Plan: So now that we have our goal narrowed, we need to make a plan because if we don’t I can say next month I start reading or in a week, but instead if I make a plan that each week I will read a book or each 2 weeks I will read a book so that in a year I will have read 50 books or 25 books it makes it easier. With a plan you can see your progress and that helps you to don’t discourage of your main goal.

3)Seek for Help: This one is a step people don’t you usually do but I could consider one of the more helpful tip, because when you are doing your progress, I am going to keep explaining with my example of the books, let’s say I have 3 months doing it, and I am very good reading a book a week and everything seems find but then sometimes you forget why you are doing it, why I am looking, and borrowing books from my friends, and sometimes buying new books each week, so I decided to stop doing it, but if when I started doing my goal I tell a friend about it and ask her to remind me why I want to do it in the first place, when for a reason I stop. So when I leave my goal for example my friend will help me and encourage me to keep doing it and don’t give up. This is a more moral help but at the end help. Another example with this step is when your dream is something that you can’t complete by yourself like going to asylum and gave the grandpas sweaters it is okay to ask your parents to help you, with the ride or another thing.

4)Don’t Give Up: This step has a lot to do with the number 3, and basically is don’t give up, and sometimes we decide to give up when we are so close of completing our goal, so this one is the hardest because is to keep doing no matter what, keep trying and for example if I don’t have time to read 50 books in a year, but I have been reading an hour a day and trying my best is okay if at the end I read 30, but if instead I am lazy and I don’t want to read because I prefer to watch T.V 4 hours it is not okay. So making this step in a sentece is try your best!

5)Achieve It: this one is the most important because is to finish it, to actually complete it. Because for example if I am in the last week of December and I have read 49 books and the last week I say it’s the same 49 that 50 and I never finish it would not help me at all because you would not feel the satisfaction of saying yes, my goal was reading 50 books and I did It. That feeling you have when you finish something has no comparison and is okay to feel proud because you deserve it, and is okay to reward yourself because at the end you achieve it.

So that’s all for today’s post and I really hope it helps you to complete you goals, achieve your dreams and have that feeling I was talking about.

Leave a comment with your goals and if you want to check mine’s click here.

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