Pretty Little Liars

Pll 5×15 and 5×16 Recap!

Hi Everybody!, like I mention in my last post, I am really sorry that I haven’t really been posting a lot and I know that pll is in the episode 20 and I am just writing the review of the 15 and 16, but I will try to be posting daily to catch up.

In this two episodes I was like OMG the whole episode and some things I really expect them so let’s get into de recap



OMG PLL every episode get’s more crazy but I love it, this episode I was in shock most of the time, well I am like that everytime I watch pretty little liars but yeah. The episode start with Toby going to jail to do some paper but there he sees Alison and they have like a little discussion.  But the main question in the whole episode is who the heck is helping Ali? well that’s what they think but I am not so sure that Alison is A, I mean she receive and A message at the end of the episode, so I definitely sure she’s not A.

Then later Toby found the “murder weapon” and leave it there, then he told Caleb and Spencer and they make a deal of not doing anything about it. But Caleb and Spencer were worried that A planted the knife there with fingerprint of someone of them so they decided to go behind Toby’s back and take the knife to destroy it. I am like why Spencer you are doing this to Toby, but whatever, when they are destroying the knife in a big oven in school A locked Caleb in there and if it wasn’t for Spencer he would have burn alive.

Now let’s talk about Ezria, well Aria is super worry because not even one school has accepted her in college.  But she is not sure if it is A behind this or is just bad luck. She told Ezra about it and he recommend her to apply to Talmadge College and that his ex Jackie Molina was working there, so Aria wrote a horrible letter were she explained that she waist all her highschool been in a relationship with and older guy and more things and she send it! Like wth were you thinking Aria! Later she realize what a mistake she have done, then she went to the College to see if she could get the letter back before someone read it but it was too late, Jackie already read it, but the good thing was she promised she wasn’t going to tell Ezra anything.

The end of the episode was the more OMG final of all so I am going to explained briefly

  • Ashley Marin (Hannah’s mom!) and Jason Dilaurentis (Ali’s brother!) makeout and the you know what happened, I was so shock I couldn’t believe it.
  • Aria found a bookmark with part of her letter print, so obviously A have it.
  • Toby found out that Spencer has gone behind his back and destroy the knife
  • Hannah saw Jason going downstairs with his shirt unbuttoned
  • And Alison receives and A message that says





In this episode Emily let go Paige, because she was still wearing clothes of Paige and carrying her relationship on her back. But Tara helps Emily to get rid of that stuff because is not helping Emily move on.tumblr_nii7f5Ag4F1qklqu6o1_500

The four girls receive a text from a security company that Mona’s computer have been moved, Caleb track down the place and it was a cellar so Spencer and Caleb went together again and enter there through an air duct and get in. The cellar was full of evidence like plastic bags full of clothes with blood, mona’s computer, and a barrel a full barrel, so Caleb and Spencer thought that maybe Mona’s body was in there, and if that is true that would be horrible, because Mona didn’t deserve it.

“Holbrook” text Aria to meet up, but he never show up, in my opinion it wasn’t Holbrook it was obviously A, but who’s A?

Then Ted proposed to Ashley but she said she needed time to think about it, because she feel bad for Ted because what happened between Jason and her.

The final scene was A getting into the police office and into Holbrook desk, with a key he/she opened the right drawer and get some candy like if he/she new exactly were it is, then he get into the computer and put the username of Holbrook and the correct password. So this make you think A is Holbrook but I am not so sure, because that is the typical A attitude.

I want spoby relationship to be better, because they fight constantly and I want it to get better, because I missed them so much!









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