Study Beauty Essentials!

HI Everybody! Today’s post is super helpful and I have a lot of fun planning it. So what is about? This post is about your study essentials, but not like pencil, post-its,color pens, and that stuff, is more like the study essentials you need to get focus and are not necessary school related. I am not sure if you understand what I mean, but keep reading and you will get it.

beauty essentials


1) Headband and Hair Tie: This is a totally must-have, because when you are studying the last thing you want is your hair distracting you, so with this two, you can make a messy bun, a high ponytail and with the headband and is one less problem.

2)Hand Lotion: This helps you when you are studying , because you need to be comfortable so you can concentrate in what you are doing, and having your hands dry could make you feel uncomfortable, not focus, and you can end doing another thing, this may seem silly but having a hand lotion near will save you some distractions plus  you will have your hands soft and feel good..zoom

3)Nail Polish: Okay this not like the hand lotion, this has a different purpose, when you are studying you obviously need a break and sometimes the iphone breaks or the laptop breaks never end, because you are checking facebook and when you less now you are watching the new pll episode, so painting your nails is like a break but when you finish painting them your break is finished too, so there is no chance you loose that many time.

4)Chapstick: This one is just like the hand lotion because you always need your lips hydrated, so to not get distracted, you always need a chapstick near.

5)Candle: A candle, because they smell so good and having a nice aroma in your room, helps you focus too! The candle I have there was actually part of one DIY I make, so if you wanna do it go and click right here to see how you can do your own! click here.

6)Watch: This is like my sport watch, because sometimes you need time you, making some math problems, or you need to know what time is it, and checking your phone to know what time is it, can end in another thing, so having like a watch just for the hour, timer, and alarm is very helpful.

7)Headphones: This is optional, if you hear music when you are studying, that I personally recommend but not all types of music, but instead classic music, or music to read, it helps you get focus and using headphones is better because you don’t get distracted with noise outside.

8)Favorite Candy:When you are studying sometimes you get hungry and having your favorite candy next to you helps you get inspired, not needing to go to the kitchen loose time, etc, and I don’t know you but eating candy makes me happy 🙂 haha. And you can use it like a reward too.

9)Kleenex: I am like a sneezy person, a sneeze like all the time and having kleenex around helps me a lot and you save time of going to another room and more, so tissue paper is never too much.

10)Water Bottle: A water bottle is super important because you need to be hydrated so your head don’t hurt and you don’t feel thirsty and not concentrate, etc. Water always is welcome.

11)Comfortable Clothes: This one I think is one of the most important essential, because if you are not comfortable with your clothes, you will not focus the same. So having pants a hoodie makes you concentrate more.

So that’s all for today’s post if you notice, almost all were things that helps you feel comfortable and helps you not get distracted, so this essentials are not to help you study exactly but are things that makes it easy.

Hope you enjoy it and if you want me to make a post of study essentials or tips for studying, like this post and comment down below.

Another thing is that I have know a Twitter of this blog so don’t forget to check it out;)

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