Mini Fashion Haul!

Hello girls again! I am so excited of writing this post as always haha, but today’s post is my first haul! yaay on Saturday I went shopping to Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle and more, I didn’t buy a lot just few things and I am so excited to show them with you, because I am so in love with every single thing.

Where I live is raining so hard so they just announced tomorrow classes are suspended! OMG I am so happy, random fact btw.

So into the post 🙂

First store I went was of course Forever 21, were I bought two things!

IMG_39151)Gray Skinny Jeans: I wanted a new pair of jeans for a long time, so when we first entered there was a big sale sign on the jeans that were from $20  I think to $10! so I was like I need to buy a pair of jeans like now, and there were different colors but I saw this tone and I love it. If you have bought a pair of jeans in Forever 21 you know that they are not the best quality, I mean they won’t last like a lot, but they are definitely cute and super cheap so if you are looking for that in Forever 21 you can find it.





2)Black/Gray Cardigan: I am totally in love with this cardigan seriously, is super comfy, is super cute and it was super cheap it sounds kind of perfect, but yeah you can use it with a lot of thing and it was $10 as well, I don’t know I love the pattern, the length and everything.

The next store I went was American Eagle, H&M and more, of course I found cute stuff but I didn’t have that much of money so yeah. The next store I bought something was wet seal.



IMG_3914This was the first time I bought anything in wet seal, I mean I knew the store, but never actually bought anything.

White Blouse: If you see it fast you will se a normal white blouse but because I was looking for something cheap I went to the sale part and I found it, I really like the neck because is different not like the others and it looks pretty, plus the patter of the fabric was really nice and it was $7!




Then the last fashion thing i bought was a new pair of boots!


Brown Combat Boots: I bought them on a shoe store in the mall and I am really sorry but I don’t remember the name of the store, but you can get them anywhere. So the story of how I got them is pretty funny because we needed to go to the airport to pick a friend and she already arrived and we were still on the mall, so my mom was really pissed off but I need it to find the boots and I was like running in all the shoe stores in the mall looking for exactly those boots and I couldn’t find them and I was looking obviously for cheap prize so I found a pair that cost like $30 but I didn’t like them that much and then I realize that I wanted a quality pair of boots so we get to a store were my mom says if you don’t find them here sorry, but luckily I found these and I totally love them they were a little more expensive of what I wanted, they were like $70 but I said like I am going to spend all my saving but I want those boots so when I was paying they actually were on sale from $70 to $50 so it was great! and you can noticed the quality right away.

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