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Sleepaway Girls Review!

I found my new favorite book! It is so interesting, with teenage love, pranks, friendship and more. You fall in love with each character, the perfect novel for a summer reading or a spring break reading if you know what I mean haha.

Hi everybody, I know I haven’t really been posting a lot lately, because I been so busy and I know I told you this every single post but I am doing my best.

Today’s post is kind of random because I didn’t have it planned but because I just finished this book and I totally loved it I wanted to share it with you. I will try not to tell spoilers but just like a description about the book and what I thought about it.


The story is about a girl named Sam Montgomery which enrolled to be a CIT (Counselor In Training) at the Whispering Pines Camp (which is fictional, I already google it haha and it exist a catholic camp named like that, obviously not the one in the book but yeah), so she have never ever been to a summer camp, doesn’t know anything  about camp at all but she wanted to get away from home that summer because her best friend Mal got a boyfriend and she couldn’t be the third wheel the whole summer. So when she get there is a totally new experience, she made new friends and realize things about her friends back home, she got to meet Ashley the queen bee of the camp which by the way is de camp director daughter, she also meet the cute bomb Hunter which is flirting with her and well they described him so handsome, but there is also another guy named Cole who is really cute too and it is so nice spend time with him, she get into fight, sneak out late, kiss a guy, prank the mean girls and more.

So I really want to tell you more but I want more for you to read the book it is really cool and so easy to read, I read it like in three days because I wanted to finish it so bad and actually reading it make me want to be a CIT on a summer camp because it looks so awesome and I want to be part of a summer camp too.

Well if you have read it comment down what you think about it! If you haven’t I really recommend you too, is obviously more like a girly book but if you are a boy and enjoy this types of books “You Go Glen Coco” hahaha, anyways I am in springbreak actually yesterday was my last day of school so I am really looking forward to read a lot this vacations so if you have any book recommendation for me comment down below.

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