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DIY Beauty Mask! + My Clay Mask experience

Hello Everybody 🙂

Today’s post is super fun and helpful, because a few days ago I made some beauty masks which left my skin soooo soft and nice, one mask was like a peel off mask and the other one is  not quite a DIY but is more like my experience with the clay masks and tips I found usefuls, keep reading and you will know how to do them yourself.


Before starting I just want to get clear some things, this DIY’s I DIDN’T INVENT THEM, I FOUND THEM ON PINTEREST, And I will leave the links below from the blog that I found them, so I when I found them I thought they were pretty cool so I make them in my home and apply them on my face (and my mom’s too hehe) so I will leave my tips and recommendations with Italics so you do them too.

So without further ado let’s get into the post!

1) Peel-Off Mask

I got the idea from this blog ⇨

Ingredients I use (For one person) were:


  • 2 Tablespoons of Milk
  • 1 Tablespoon of Unflavored Gelatin

And that’s it, isn’t amazing?


  1. So in a small bowl I put the tablespoon of gelatinIMG_4049
  2. Then I add the two Tablespoons of milk and mix it for a while
  3. What we want is a chunky consistency so you can add more milk if you think it needs more (I actually did add a little more)
  4. Then put the bowl in the microwave for like 10 seconds (If you don’t have microwave don’t worry put it in the stove for 30 seconds mixing in it the whole time and it will be the same)
  5. When you get the bowl out, mix it a little bit more and then fast* start applying it on your face.

fast*: Is because the gelatin hardens off fast, so apply it afterwards with your finger or with a stick.

And leave it for 15 minutes in your face or until you feel that it is completely dry

And slowly start peeling it off  (IT HURT A LOT, because when you are taking it off it feels like wax or a super strong tape, I just tell you that so you are prepare, I wasn’t)

Also be careful and avoid putting it near your eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. 

But when you finish your face will feel so soft, the pain is worth is haha.

2)Clay Mask:

This one I didn’t get it from any blog, actually my mom bought it the other day so we just try it recently 🙂

This is not quite a DIY but I am going to leave the instructions below  anyways.


  • Clay (obviously haha, you can find it on any store like Target, etc.)
  • Water (normal and simple water)
  • Towel (To clean your face after)


Every procedure is different so here, pay attention to the instructions on the clay that you bought, but normally you need to mix it with water and then apply it on your face.

My Experience:

When you first apply it, it feels like a normal cream but you need to leave it like fifteen minutes or more, and when the time pass you start to feel it getting like dry, so when it get dry, you can’t move your face anymore because the clay is dry and it feels like hard on your face, (I starting laughing and when you do, the clay like brokes and it feels like weird), but even though the clay is dry you need to leave more time so it will clean your face, and when you remove it, it feels really good, super soft your face too.


So that’s all for today’s post I hope you enjoy it and try it in your home, I recommend to do the masks in different days, if you make any of these I will love to see them and hear about your experience so we can all share experiences, I will love to you to upload a photo to twitter with the hashtag #trendynsmartDIY or tag me @TrendyNSmart and I will be so happy to tweet it and reply to you 🙂

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