How to clean and maintain your room! (Teens Edition)

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share with you a struggle I been facing for way too long, and yees that is maintain my room clean! and I’m not saying I don’t clean it frequently but I just can’t make a habit, so I made a research of different methods and my own experience in what work and what definitely don’t work and grab it all together so I could share it with you.



Last weekend I found my room so messy , that I realize it was time to clean! and I thought why not make a post about it? so hope you like it hihi, so this is how my room looked before I cleaned it :s



First how to clean your room quickly and efficiently

Step 1:


IMG_4323First what I did and I think is the better way to start is making your bed, take everything that is in it and put it on the floor and change your sheets. I don’t know you guys but I think that this is a small action that makes your room appear way cleaner.

The next useful tip to make your room cleaner is actually closing the doors of your closet and closing your drawers, doing this small action that is almost nothing changes a lot the perspective.

So this two thing are what I recommend you to do first


Step 2:


What I most hate about cleaning my room is the clothes! folding clothes! augh I hate it, so that’s what I do last, so to take them away for a bit, know that your bed is all made I just grab all the clothes on the floor and put them in there.

Then if I see shoes on the floor I put them in their place in my case the closet.

So without this two things that are actually almost everything, know you can see clearly what you need to organize.


Step 3:


So now everything that was on the floor I just classify it and put it in their specific place, and if something doesn’t have a place that is the perfect moment to think them one.

Now I am just cleaning the floor so if I found makeup or hair band I put them in my boudoir and if I found pens or notebooks I just put them in my desk, this way you can classify super fast.



Step 4:


And now my favorite step! jk haha but I need to fold those clothes one day soo I leave it at the end. When you finish the floor just get in your bed and fold the clothes or hang the ones that go on the closet. If is dirty wash it and everything has it’s own routine





Now into the tips:

  • Put some music, make a playlist, you have two options: one make a playlist of music to dance while you clean and be active or number two do the opposite and put slow music and sad music so you sing really hard while you fold a t-shirt hahaha, both are really funny and I recommend them.
  • Divide always in little steps, if you see your whole room super dirty and like a hot mess you will freak out, who don’t? but instead if you said in the next ten minutes I will clean my desk, you will feel way less your stress.
  • This one is pretty obvious but I need to mention it, everything you take out, put it back when you finish using that, it is the same that when we were kids playing with toys, you need to make the habit of putting back the things you use.

That’s all for today’s post, hope you enjoy it! see ya next time

P.D. Yes I have a mini ballet barre hahaha









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