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Bikini Wish List

Want to see my top 5 bikini wish list?  Who doesn’t love bikinis? Well I found 5 pretty and awesome bikini I would die for and share it with you guys so check it out!

Hello Everyone! I haven’t been posting as often as I promised I know, sorry about that, but here it is the next post and I am super excited  to share it with all of you 😀

Bikini Wish List

1)Black Crochet: I looove the back of the top

2)Pool Tie Dye: The design is gorgeous!

3) Wrap Bikini: This one is my favorite, because the top is super original and the bottom is just beautiful

4) Triangl: Well who doesn’t want a Triangl? And this style is my favorite


5) VS Bikini: I think this bikini is like young and fun

That’s all for today’s post, comment down below which one is your favorite?

And we will see each other soon!



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