It’s already 2016? Wait…What!

Am I the only who feels like every year is passing faster than the last year? This year it’s been a good year to me and I hope it has been a good year to you too. I think it is super important to dedicate a specific time (It doesn’t have to be a lot), just a special moment for yourself where you can actually see everything that has changed, a lot of people didn’t make it. Take a special moment to be thankful of being alive in another countdown and  being able to welcome another year. And plus I have some special news about my blog! 😀 so keep reading.


One of the things I didn’t like a lot about this year was that I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to, because of school. I am just in high school but it absorbs my time so much I barely finish all my homework and projects on time. My new year’s resolution is to organize my time and my space way better I did this year.

Now I am on my winter break so that’s the reason I am able to blog and that I will be blogging all january, but I have been thinking a way to achieve my resolutions, blog more and still be able to do everything else. So I came up with this idea, this blog is going to be like my motivation because everything I am doing, organizing, any new habit I am going to be practicing, I am also going to be sharing it with you guys, so you can achieve it with me. This way I am not going to work double just share my work.

Also I will create printables for me that of course I am going to share it here. If you haven’t already click that follow button and we will see each other often.

P.s. I have been very active on pinterest so I will love for you to check out my pinterest and maybe follow?

Pinterest: @od1480



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