5 weeks to an organized bedroom · Organization

5 weeks to an organized bedroom!

New year, new me right? hahah well in this post I am going to teach you how to get your room super organized in 5 weeks and how to maintain it that way, because normally that’s the hardest part. So if you want to get your bedroom organize in 2016 keep reading…

Organize your bedroom

Wow first post of 2016.. and we are coming with everything. I am glad to announce my ‘5 weeks to an organize bedroom’ serie!, where you will be joining me on my adventure of remodeling my bedroom, organizing it and keeping that way (normally that’s the hardest part, but most important).

When I was planning and thinking this idea, first I thought of just making one super long post, but later I realized that it wasn’t a very clever idea. And because I am doing it with you, it was going to be really hard to just read a post, and suddenly your room was going to be all perfectly organized. So I came up with this idea of making five different and independent post, where I will be showing you how I organized my bedroom, tips & tricks about organization, and some funny anecdotes that you shouldn’t repeat and what to do instead.

This is an introductory post but I don’t want to leave you with empty hands, so here is a little gift for your patience.

This is a free printable, to get you started with organizing your room, is basically a bedroom inventory, that will help you to kind of see, what goes where exactly.


This is how it looks, basically if you want to download it just click on the image or click below. It comes in two different ways, one is this one that already have the storage spaces defined, and maybe some things that you keep inside, and the other one is a blank version of this one, which you can use it to make an inventory of another room or whatever you like.


Each week I will be posting a different post so I will be linking it right here.

  1. week 1: Organize your nightstand.
  2. week 2: Organize your vanity table.
  3. week 3: Organize your desk.
  4. week 4: Organize your closet
  5. week 5: Tips & Tricks about how to maintain your room organized.

If you haven’t already click that follow button so you can see the post coming, I will be sharing them on pinterest too, so don’t forget to follow me there. CLICK HERE

And that’s everything for today, thank you so much for reading this and see you soon.



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