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Organize your nightstand

We all have a nightstand right? But the sad thing is that most of us or at least me have it full of stuff I don’t really know elsewhere to have it #sadbuttrue and they are not even things that come in handy in the middle of the night, they are just clutter. So you want to know how to organize it? What to keep on each drawer? and How to keep it that way?

Organize your bedroom (1)

Hello everyone welcome to my second post of my ‘5 weeks to an organize bedroom’ serie (go check my first one, I have some FREE PRINTABLES get you started), I am beyond excited to be writing this post because organizing my own nightstand actually help me a lot. It has been like 2 weeks since I reorganized my nightstand and today I am proud to say that is still perfectly organized, so I am going to show you exactly what I did so you can do it too!

I choose starting with our nighstand because I think is something super ‘simple’. That’s why I start with my little nightstand besides my bed, with just two small drawers, well those small drawers were full of clutter, stuff I don’t really need and maybe one helpful thing that I would never find on time because of the mess it was. I was analyzing the real function of that small furniture and I came up with this definition: a place where you have everything (easy to grab) that you could possibly need in the middle of the night without the need to stand up.

So based on this definition I organize mine. At the end it was like this.

IMG_0250The superior part I decided to keep it clear because it is important to have space there, Idk sometimes I need to put something like a book, my phone, etc. So the only things I have I think are a must-have on your nightstand.

  • #1 must have: A lamp, any kind works, and I even dare to say that everyone needs one, because when I am already in my bed but still I am doing things, I wouldn’t like to have the need of standing up, to turn the lights off, or even if it is already off and I need light for something the need to get out of my bed to turn it on, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. What I do is when I am about to sleep I turn this gorgeous lamp on, stand up brushed my teeths and do all my night routine then turned off the light of my room, get into my warm bed and I am definitely not the kind of person who sleeps right away so I usually stay a couple of minutes on my phone, well half an hour or more, sometimes I read and then when I am about to sleep I turned this one off without evening moving and then I get to sleep. If you don’t own a night lamp (that I think is difficult) I really suggest getting one.
  • #2 must have: A clock or some kind of alarm, I know that phones are the new alarms or clocks, but still I like to have one, because sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night wanting to know if I have one more hour more to sleep or just 10 minutes more and I don’t really feel like seeing my phone, I just click a button on top of this clock and the hour like turn on (I don’t know if you know what I mean)  so I see what time it is, then I click that button again and it turn off and I return to sleep.
  • #3 must have: A alambric telephone, maybe this sounds like an old-fashioned kind of thing or not necessary but the other day we had a blackout in my block for like 7 hours on the night, and exactly that day I didn’t charged my phone, so I didn’t have battery. It didn’t happened anything wrong but if I needed the phone for an emergency I would not have been able to call anyone, so having a alambric phone that works all times, 24/7 and it doesn’t matter if I have electricity on my home or not I’d still have a line is really handful.
  • #4 must have: This is actually not a must have, but I put it on this list because some kind of decoration is important for your nightstand to look pretty. I don’t mean to get all the top of your nighstand full of little things because that would be counterproductive, but instead just something simple like fake flowers and for example the other decoration I have is a super cute mini three-drawer thingi, where I put my earrings I know maybe it is not the place, but I think it matches the lamp and I really love the fact that each mini drawer look like a mini book so just for my own pleasure I have it there, but with just flowers or maybe a photograph, a ceramic figure, I don’t know, anything to spice up your nighstand and make it look pretty.

Now let’s go to the inside part, and see my first drawer.


This is how I organized my first drawer, before explaining each thing I want to say that having any kind of organizer, (you can just even use the kitchen or desk one’s), for you to classify your things is super helpful, mine actually was some cheap plastic divider I found in my home, I don’t really considered it the more esthetic thing and I’m actually planning on buying another one soon, but I wanted to know how I was going to classified my things first. So I used a ‘square’ organizer and a kleenex box, because I am the kind of person who sneezes all the time and having the box on the top of the nightstand wouldn’t look like the nicest thing, so I actually saw this idea on another blog and liked a lot.

b3The first column is pretty simple, in the larger compartment I decided to put my phone wallet and my phone, I think this is a good place for your phone because it takes out all the temptation of checking snapchat at 3AM, and because I have my school alarm on my clock I show previously, I save my phone in here, and on the smaller compartment I keep my chargers and my headphones.


In this second part I just keep my sleep mask (I don’t use it every night, but sometimes when I come from school really tired and I just want to take a nap and well there is still light, I put this on and omg is the glory), I keep a box of matches here too, because I have a candle on my room. Then on the small compartment I keep a small notebook, a pen and a highlighter because sometimes when I am already in bed, I have a blog post idea, or something about a school presentation and I repeat, I don’t really want to stand up to my desk grab a paper and a pen and write it, just having it there makes it really easy to remember. Having Post Its would be a really good idea, because you just put the sticky note on the top of your nightstand and the next morning you can easily remember and write down in another place.

b2 Okay so my last column. I keep on the larger part some essentials, the first thing I must have near me all the time is some kind of lip balm and the one I have found more effective is Carmex. Then hand cream, some advil is necessary if in the night you are having a headache. In the small compartment I keep my keys, maybe is not the most convenient place but for me it have work there, and last but not least my digital watch, because I use it on school.

Now let’s go to the second drawer.


Here I just keep a few things.

  • Recent magazines, so when I have a free time I read them.
  • Bigger headphones, for when I hear music or watch a movie on netflix
  • A journal, I don’t write everyday, but sometimes I feel inspired and having it near is useful.
  • A pen for the journal.
  • My ipad mini
  • And a hand lamp, for the same reason I have an alambic telephone. If there’s no light and no battery on my phone at least I got a lamp and batteries.

So that’s all for today’s post I hope you enjoy this organizing post.

Which is a must have on your nightstand? I’ll love to hear.



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