New Year Resolutions 2017

New year, new me.

I can’t believe is 2016 is over, it was a great year and I am so thankful with all the people that were part of it. But today I’m here to talk about this year resolutions.

I am going to keep it simple, because last year I propose myself like 20 resolutions and I came out doing just like five, so this year I thought I would do it a bit different, so now I choose just having five main resolutions.


Adapt me to my new home: As some will know I win a scholarship for a two year exchange in some part of the world, I don’t know yet (I will know in a week exactly). So I will go at the end of the summer and I am going to live there for the next two years. I’ve never lived in a different state and actually never been outside Mexico and the USA, so it is going to be a really enrichment experience and I want to get the more out of it. This first semester I want to dedicate it to make new friends, adapt me to my room, to the city, to the weather and to everything.

Get in shape: This resolution is actually one of the most common in everyone and I know almost no one actually accomplish it, but I have been doing some research and some planning and I am going to be more organized and have more time to do things like this. I will track my progress and share my tips to you.

Make more friends: Like I said before I am moving of country and making friends I think is more of a must in this kind of situations. But still, this year I want to be more open and friendly.

Read more: Reading is one of my favorite activities of the whole world and ironically I
don’t do it that often. Because of my disorganization but this is about to end. Like two years ago I put as a resolution to read 50 books, I was reading like five books a year at that time so it was practically impossible to jump from five to 50, that quick, so I obviously didn’t accomplish it and I just felt bad for not doing it. But now I am not going to put a number I am just going to read every night and I hope the results will be better.

Post more often and grow my blog: I love blogging, I really do, but the truth is I haven’t taken this blog seriously so that’s why it have not grow a lot. But this year I am doing a plan and I am going to stick to it. I am going to read books and take courses about blogging and I plan to really prepare myself to give you the best I can. And I really hope you appreciate that too.


So this are my main five resolutions but there is a sixth implicit resolution and that is get my sh*** together, and by that I mean get more organized, because I know that will help me in all aspects of my life and I challenge you to do the same.

Also last week I make a Winter Tag so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for making a wonderful 2016, but even more thanks for all the blessing that are about to come this year.



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