FREE DOWNLOAD: January Wallpaper

So it’s new year and we are trying to do things differently so what a better way to start than changing your desktop and phone wallpaper!

Hello everybody, I’m thrilled to be here with you for my second post of the year, today we are not going to talk much, I’m just going to give you a free gift and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


Desktop Wallpaper


To get our work done on our computer this is the perfect incentive with one of my favorite New Year’s quote and a spectacular picture of the mountains.

Smartphone Wallpaper


With not just one but two! One for the lock screen and the other one for the home screen. I designed it this way because I really don’t like to have a lot of stuff on my home screen except a pretty photo, on the other hand the lock screen is the perfect place to have an inspirational quote.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD//  Simply click the button below, and then the blue Download button on the next page!



TERMS AND CONDITIONS// The Free Download: January 2017 Wallpaper Designs for computers,laptops and smartphones are for personal use only, and may not be sold. Feel free to share the design created by Trendy N’ Smart, but please credit me and link back to this page when placing my images on your blog or social media.  Please DON’T link directly to the downloadable file; instead link back to the URL of this page. You are not allowed to use these for any other purpose than as a wallpaper on your devices. Thank you for your cooperation!


So that’s everything for today I hope you your freebie, and If you did please like this post, leave a comment and share it in your favorite social media!

Go on and check out my resolutions of this year!

Thanks for everything and see you next monday!



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